Company Information

The Pantheon is a business and innovation hub for emerging technology growth businesses. AgroRenew LLC is an industry-leading Bioplastics processing manufacturer of bio-sourced plastics. Founded from an Ideation at The Pantheon Innovation Center, AgroRenew is committed to creating, developing, and producing 100% biodegradable plastics sourced from a blend of crop food waste, cover crops, and other bio sources. Our Vision is for Earth and Humans to coexist for a sustainable future. We will create renewable, biodegradable plastics in a circular economy that does not divert the food supply chain but focuses on reducing food waste by using it as a viable Bio-source. AgroRenew is committed to enhancing the agricultural economy through ongoing innovation in developing cover crops and purpose-grown crops and utilizing bio-waste streams and byproducts for bioplastics processing and blending.


Position Information

Position title: Bioplastics Engineering and Process Equipment Design Intern

Position Summary: We seek a motivated intern to join our dynamic team. This internship offers a unique opportunity to work closely with our business professionals and contribute to the development of new equipment and facilities for our bioprocessing operation.

Duration: May 13-August 9, 2024

Location: Pantheon Innovation Theatre, Vincennes, Indiana

Compensation: $22/hour and potential housing

Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM, 1 hour lunch

Direct Supervisor: Brian Southern, AgroRenew

Support: Drew Garretson and Nichole Like, Pantheon Ag Tech

Permanent Employment: Possible transition to permanent Team Member at AgroRenew


Projects & Deliverables


  1. Work with the design team on new Process equipment
    1. Research methods for processing
    2. Ideation of new equipment
    3. Validation of equipment approach
    4. Design elements of new equipment
  2. Work with Architect and Engineering Firm developing new building
    1. Location of equipment
    2. Resources needed for equipment (electric, gas, water, drain, air, etc.)
    3. Flow diagrams for equipment and movement of biomaterial
  3. Work with equipment and product suppliers
    1. Identify equipment suppliers for specific elements in equipment
    2. Select specific equipment based on process need, quality, and availability
    3. Identify competing products for price comparison and delivery


  • End of the summer project presentation to Pantheon leadership and Pantheon Ag Tech committee.
  • Desing and Development of Process Equipment for Bio-Waste reduction and Bioplastics Blending.



  • Current enrollment in ABE or ASM degree programs
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work effectively within a team environment


  • Hands-on experience in a dynamic and supportive work environment
  • Opportunity to learn and grow alongside industry professionals
  • Potential for continued involvement or advancement within the company post-internship
  • Access to co-working space and amenities


Send resume and cover letter to Nichole Like at nlike@pantheontheatre.org by February 2nd to apply.