Summary/Purpose of Position:

The primary purpose of this position is to coordinate and oversee the daily activities associated
with all research trials at a swine research farm. This person will work closely with the research
scientists and associates to collaborate on ideas to improve research and facilitate the needs of
current and upcoming trials.

Primary Job Responsibilities/Duties, but not limited to the following:
• Oversee the daily tasks associated with current and ongoing research projects.
• Enter the daily weigh and feed data into Excel spreadsheets and upload to the corporate
• Make research trial diets, as necessary, and operate the Fancom feed system.
• Assist in the weighing of trial pigs, vacuuming feed to record weights, and record feed
• Assist in general production practices of a grow/finish swine farm and be responsible for
all duties associated with it. This includes vaccinating, giving medicinal treatments,
adjusting ventilation, recording daily observations, etc.

In order to apply for this position, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

Skill & Knowledge Requirements:
• Prefer an agricultural background
• Knowledge of research trial protocols and practices
• Moderate ability to utilize spreadsheets for data entry and analysis
• Basic understanding of animal nutrition principles

Education Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, Agriculture or other relevant major, or equivalent