This position serves as the truck dispatcher for soybeans, soybean meal and soy hull pellets for a large Indiana soybean processing facility. This individual works closely with the merchandising team to maximize truck soybean origination and truck meal sales. This individual also manages the hopper car fleet for the plant.


Main Responsibilities

Along with the below listed responsibilities, the employee should conduct any other business related to the function as required by her or his supervisor.

  • Communicates daily with customers to coordinate logistics services and assists with accounting issues
  • Works closely with local hopper truck freight operators to optimize truck moves into & out of the plant
  • Collaborates with soybean origination team to maximize truck backhaul opportunities
  • Traces hopper rail cars daily and diverts cars as needed to ensure plant’s liquidity is preserved
  • Uses PowerBI to analyze the efficiency of rail car movements to identify optimal rail execution
  • Manages the hopper rail car detention program
  • Signs up new farmers with LDC using the MyLDC customer portal
  • Works with soybean meal customers to address, evaluate and settle soybean meal quality claims


Additional Responsibilities

  • Bills rail cars as needed
  • Enters DPR information as needed
  • Answer phone calls and provide merchandising services to farmers.
  • Gathers news, statistics and information related to individual commodity supply and demand from customers and trade sources, and distributes that information to the remainder of the group to support overall strategic trading/positioning (i.e., contributes to research function).
  • Helps manage receivables and facilitates innovative methods to keep accounts receivable and average number of days to pay at a minimum.
  • Identifies, qualifies and captures new business; develops and contributes to customer/supplier list.
  • Assists other team members when needed (soybean origination team, soybean meal merchandising team, etc.)
  • Works closely with soybean receiving office, learns Compuweigh and probing / grading operations.
  • Occasionally communicates with truckers/suppliers regarding quality.
  • Weekend work.
  • Customer visits.
  • Crop tours.
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Three to five years in the grain business in a merchandising and/or logistics capacity
  • Experience arranging rail freight logistics and dispatching trucks



  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong quantitative skills, including basic knowledge of statistics, algebra (e.g., supply and demand relationships, analysis of price relationships)
  • Ability to organize multiple responsibilities, prioritize workload and perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Proficiency with spreadsheet and word processing software, (e.g., Excel and MS Word).
  • Must have valid driver’s license


Required Languages

  • English (Fluent)

Required Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Agricultural Economics, Finance, Business Administration or other business discipline.