Ag Ingenuity Partners, the research division of Advanced Agrilytics, is looking for summer interns in the agronomy field to help with summer on-farm scouting and spatial research in the corn belt for the summer of 2022.  Interns will engage in a variety of activities, depending on their area of primary interest. All interns will gain experience in general Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Weed Science, leadership and management, data collection and evaluation.

Key responsibilities of the role:

  • Scouting research trials, in a variety of different areas and environments
  • Trial implementation and data collection – working in groups to conduct accurate in-field scouting and plant collection on various research trials throughout the summer
  • Plant processing and subsequent data collection and interpretation at our research facility
  • Taking part in soil sample collection efforts as needed
  • All Interns must be willing to work both in teams and alone throughout the summer
  • Exhibiting the ability to effectively communicate with growers, agronomists, and other full-time employees
  • All interns will take ownership of a Special Project of personal interest and follow their chosen research topic throughout the internship program

Qualifications and Education Requirements 

  • Agriculture or related degree track preferred
  • Willingness and ability to work under on-farm conditions
  • Understanding of current farming practices is of benefit
  • Must be task/project driven and able to work independently
  • Must exhibit a growth mindset and a desire for continuous learning

Additional Notes 

Positions are available throughout much of the corn belt. Housing will be provided to those that are willing to relocate. In general, interns will be expected to work 40 hours/week.  At times, hours in excess of 40 will be required and will be approved in advance by the supervisor. This position includes day travel as a team, and a small number of overnight events.

When travel is required, all expenses will be reimbursed as approved in advance by the supervisor.

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