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Position Brand Description:

The purpose of this position is to provide technical expertise and ownership of the maintenance program that results in equipment reliability needed to support current and future production objectives.

This position will be responsible for the technical aspects of the maintenance program.  This individual will work closely with all levels of operations, maintenance, engineering and quality to identify critical equipment, prioritize critical equipment, analyze critical equipment using established methodologies, develop sound maintenance plans using established predictive and preventive maintenance techniques, reliability and maintainability metrics to solve equipment reliability and maintenance problems, lower the potential of critical equipment failures, and maintain an expertise on the current technology available for reliability improvements of the equipment and practices.   The engineer may be required to perform unique component and system analyses to identify reliability improvements and risk reduction improvements through design modifications and/or various reliability improvement strategies.

Basic Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Engineering Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • Participation in departmental safety meeting
  • Participate in departmental staff meeting
  • Meets with customers routinely to discuss project status, upcoming projects, and to give/receive feedback
  • Maintain good open communication with customers
  • Qualified candidates must be legally authorized to be employed in the United States. Elanco does not anticipate providing sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g., H-1B or TN status) for this employment position.

Additional Preferences:

SAP experience

Manufacturing experience

Other Information:

8-hr. shift.  A flexible work schedule is possible.  Work is usually performed Monday through Friday; however, one may be called in on weekends or evenings if a process outage occurs.

Key Objectives/Deliverables (will vary from Engineer to Engineer)

Safety & Environmental:

  • For all work and where necessary, provide support to address any safety & environmental concerns.  Proactively take safety & environmental issues into account on all activities as described herein.

Equipment Identification:

  • Provide support to equipment owner/user to complete CMMS data entry forms.
  • Provide support to process engineer to review CMMS data entry forms for standardization, completeness, accuracy, and change control requirements.
  • Maintain data integrity in the CMMS data for area of responsibility.

Equipment Criticality Determination:

  • Define boundaries for equipment lists and put equipment list into logical groupings.
  • Determine critical business factors, including those for mechanical integrity, and rank the criticality of equipment.
  • Evaluate resulting equipment rank level, re-rank as needed.

Functional Specifications:

  • Verify that equipment data and parameters are defined.
  • Assure that equipment data and parameters are entered into CMMS.
  • Assure that vital equipment and process information are available to perform root cause failure analysis (RCFA) and equipment criticality determination, if required.

Mechanical Integrity:

  • Utilize established processes to compare and assure that operational maintenance activities are consistent with the Global Process Safety Management Requirements and the Mechanical Integrity Maintenance Standards.
  • Develop appropriate (maintenance) plans based on Mechanical Integrity Maintenance Standards.

Root Cause Failure Analysis:

  • Perform data queries to retrieve equipment history to determine the proper level of RCFA detail on recurrent equipment failures/downtime.
  • Initiate and lead investigations using standardized templates to document and issue a formal RCFA report.
  • Select investigation team members and/or facilitate a team investigation to determine appropriate RCFA countermeasures.
  • Recommend countermeasures, assist the owner/user with change control documentation for necessary countermeasures, re-evaluate RCFA if countermeasures are not effective.
  • Focus on critical equipment with problem failure history and conduct RCFA’s with special teams.

Failure Mode Effect Analysis:

  • Perform data queries to retrieve equipment history for use in FMEA’s on recurrent equipment failures/downtime.
  • Use Equipment Criticality ranking, Process Safety Management, Mechanical Integrity, CMMS data, and other Operational and Maintenance information as input to creating an FMEA—either in an individual or team setting.
  • Determine equipment functionality, failure modes, failure effects.  Determine likelihood of failure modes.  Utilize FMEA to prolong equipment functioning by matching equipment use with proper maintenance tasks:  Condition Based Monitoring, Time-Based Maintenance, Redesign, Run-to-Failure, etc.

Maintenance Strategy Development and Implementation:

  • Coordinate teams of operation, maintenance and engineering personnel to conduct Reliability Centered Maintenance analyses for the determination of maintenance strategies for equipment.
  • Coordinate and track the implementation of the approved changes and additions to maintenance strategies for equipment.
  • Develop equipment life cycle plan strategy for critical equipment.  Develop maintenance plan strategy for critical equipment.  Initiate and complete appropriate change control documentation.  Recommend and drive implementation of approved countermeasures.
  • Optimize maintenance resources and asset utilization by minimizing duplication within the maintenance and stores, promoting utilization of established standards (ANSI, AS, etc), and standardization of descriptions and procedures throughout the corporation.
  • Provide inputs to determine need to delete modify or create job plans within CMMS.
  • Support Instrument Reliability Technicians as requested on the implementation of COD/MU (Critical Operating Data/Maintenance Uncertainties) maintenance strategies.
  • Review and approve changes to maintenance procedures within CMMS.
  • Provide input for changes to equipment spare parts lists within CMMS.
  • Support work planning by providing information to Planner regarding job scope, equipment re-qualification requirements, post-maintenance testing requirements, and entering job plans/work plans against work orders.

Continuous Improvement: 

  • Work with the predictive testing personnel in monitoring and reviewing equipment data for indications of problems.  Investigate equipment problems and make recommendations for avoiding repetition of problems.
  • Work with the process engineers and operators to monitor the operating performance of equipment for indications of problems.  Investigate equipment problems and make recommendations for avoiding repetition of problems.
  • Interact with operations to stay abreast of production requirements, changes, and schedules.
  • Work with cross-functional teams to determine Reliability metrics needed to drive behaviors for improved operational reliability.
  • Assess business process changes to determine need for re-performing equipment criticality assessments.
  • Utilize standardized procedures and metrics to monitor, analyze and review equipment reliability data.
  • Interact with OEM’s, venders, and regulatory bodies, to stay abreast of upcoming changes, improvements, or new regulations that can affect reliability efforts.
  • Maintain and improve expertise in reliability through networking with other professionals, attending seminars, symposiums, training functions, etc. for reliability professionals.
  • Develop, support and/or participate in the Equipment periodic reviews as requested.

Corrective Engineering, Asset Management & Continuous Improvement

  • Initiate corrective engineering to improve operational reliability.
  • Evaluate options for corrective engineering and effective failure mode improvements.
  • Evaluate corrective engineering solutions for effectiveness in resolving failure modes.
  • Determine engineering estimates for resources and implementation costs for proposed corrective engineering.
  • Provide information and support as necessary when Operations initiates change controls which impact equipment reliability.
  • Revise and update equipment life cycle and maintenance as needed.  Adapt and implement preventative and predictive maintenance technologies to critical equipment sets.  Recommend and drive implementation of approved countermeasures.  Be an asset management resource and champion to area and site maintenance and operations.

Technical Skills:

  • Working knowledge of cGMP FDA Regulations.
  • Working knowledge of ISO-9000 standards, IEC standards and industry best practices.
  • Working knowledge of CMMS.  SAP experience is highly recommended.
  • Working knowledge of Preventive and Predictive Maintenance techniques, including but not limited to Tribology, Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Life Cycle Cost Analysis, equipment installation requirements, etc.

Soft Skills:

  • Ability to make individual, small group and large group presentations.
  • Must be able to lead, interact with and coach wide variety of individuals including shop floor mechanics to senior operations and maintenance management.
  • Excellent problem solving, teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • Exhibit excellent project management and business organizational skills.
  • Exhibit logical reasoning, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and systems causal thinking.
  • Results oriented.  Sense of urgency.  Collaborative.  Service oriented.
  • Ability to make and communicate verbally and in writing, logical decisions using data.

Elanco is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status