Company Overview: BiomEdit is a microbiome company that discovers, designs, and develops novel probiotics, microbiome derived bioactives and engineered microbial medicines to address unmet needs in animal health. We partner with Ginkgo Bioworks to amplify and accelerate product discovery and development with a goal of introducing breakthrough innovation for livestock producers and veterinarians.

Position Summary: BiomEdit is seeking a highly motivated Scientist to support the development of novel live biotherapeutics (probiotics), postbiotics, and microbial-derived bioactives to address unmet needs in animal health. This position will be actively involved in microbiome discovery research with the following goals: to build microbiome knowledge base to better understand the role of microbe(s) in microbial communities, and to generate hypotheses for microbiome-based interventions. The Scientist will use his/her skills and knowledge in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Biochemistry and Assay Development to design and execute experiments to advance translational microbiome-based intervention candidates from bench to clinical trials on a preset timeline. This position will report to a Microbial Discovery Research Lead and is a laboratory-based. He/She will be required to have routine interactions with discovery, computational science, development, regulatory, and marketing teams within BiomEdit.

Functions, Duties, Tasks:

· Perform high throughput microbial isolation, identification, and in-vitro strain characterization work (aerobic and anaerobic platforms).

· Experience working with anaerobes and proficient in anaerobic techniques.

· Prepare and maintain bacterial (anaerobe and aerobe) and fungal cultures. Additional experience with bacterial fermentation is a plus.

· Conduct various phenotypic and biochemical assays to evaluate microbial performance.

· Maintain and keep track of clinical samples, microbial isolates, and microbiome samples inventory.

· Experience with molecular biology techniques to construct and execute strains engineering.

· Perform RNA and DNA extraction, library preparation, and sequencing. Experience in next generation sequencing techniques such as whole genome sequencing, amplicons sequencing, and/or shotgun metagenomic sequencing.

  • Troubleshoot and assist protocol development, and proactively find ways to increase efficiency and automate processes as applicable
  • Keep abreast of scientific literature in microbiome field and implement novel modalities and protocols.
  • Excellent record keeping.
  • Actively support a culture of high accountability to the sponsor through values and behaviors and actions.

Minimum Qualification (education, experience and/or training, required certifications):

  • MS in microbiology (preferred), biochemistry, or related fields with research experience in anaerobic microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and strain engineering.
  • 2+ years of research experience in general Microbiology (i.e. microbial cultivation, identification, and characterization), preferably anaerobic microbiology.

Additional Preferences:

  • Working experience with automation systems (e.g. liquid handler, automated DNA extraction platforms)
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience on microbiome research and NGS that include microbiome sample collection/inventory and microbiome profiling.
  • Knowledge on basic bioinformatic skills (i.e. SQL, phyton/perl programming, genome assembly/annotation).
  • Good communication skills
  • High personal ethical and quality standards
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Working knowledge of vaccines/pharmaceutical/biotherapeutics regulatory environment in US and/or EU
  • Working knowledge of the USDA and GMP vaccines/pharmaceutical/biotherapeutics manufacturing environment


BiomEdit, LLC. is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.