Grow what’s next. Grow your future. Corteva Agriscience is seeking students for full-time internships within our research and development organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer students the opportunity to work closely with a senior scientist in an industrial setting, and the students will have extensive opportunities to network across the company. It is desirable that students have past practical experience in a research environment generating data and have relevant computer skills. Students are encouraged to be creative and take initiative, where appropriate, and will be granted latitude for discretionary decisions and independence of action within guidelines established by their supervisor. Students are expected to always operate in a safe and efficient manner. Essential skills to this internship are interpersonal, organizational, communication, teamwork, and time management skills.

Responsibilities – What You’ll Do:

  • Participate in all phases of research including planning, preparation, calibration, application, evaluation, and analysis with supervisor.
  • Work in a safe manner and embody Corteva’s safety culture.
  • Demonstrate independent and creative thinking by making novel observations, interpreting data, and drawing sound scientific conclusions.
  • Present project reviews throughout the summer and a final poster before colleagues and peers.

Internships are available in the following disciplines – Find out more details below!

  • Analytical Chemistry: participate in a project with our analytical team developing new analytical methodology on industrial analytical equipment.
  • Organic Chemistry: participate in a novel molecule design, synthesis, or scale up project within our chemical synthesis groups.
  • Biochemistry: take part in research projects focused in one of many biochemistry related fields including plant biology, microbiology, molecular biology, plant pathology, and entomology.
  • Biology, Microbiology & Plant Biology: conduct laboratory and/or greenhouse related research with a focus on crop protection or biotechnology products.
  • Computer Science: work on one of many computer science-based projects including computational biology and/or chemistry, operations engineering, automation, software engineering, information science, statistics and/or mathematical modeling.
  • Engineering – Chemical/Mechanical/Agricultural: participate in a project in one of many engineering related fields such as mechanical engineering, design/automation, agricultural engineering, chemical engineering, scalability/materials processing, polymer/materials synthesis and characterization, and colloids/surface-active agents.
  • Environmental Science: work on a research project supporting our sustainability goals with our environmental science teams.
  • Formulation and Material Science: participate in a product development project in one of many materials science-related fields such as design/automation, agricultural applications/engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, scalability/materials processing, polymer/materials synthesis and characterization, and colloids/surface-active agents.
  • Packaging Technology: support packaging development, packaging lab technologies, and experience the technologies used to package Corteva crop protection products. Possible projects include developing sustainable packaging offerings, packaging lab testing, building SpecRight specification system features, generation and analysis of packaging data, and support in packaging development.


Qualifications – What You’ll Bring:

  • Internships are available to students that are currently pursuing a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree in a relevant discipline and will be enrolled in classes for fall of 2024. Students must have completed at least one year of undergraduate work before the start of the internship.
  • Must be able to relocate to Indianapolis, IN for the duration of the internship.
  • Must be able to work full-time (40 hours per week) for 10 weeks during the timeframe of May to August.


Discipline Specific Requirements:

  • Analytical Chemistry: Successfully completed two full years of undergraduate-level chemistry curriculum including associated laboratory courses. Focus in chemistry is preferred (analytical or biochemistry).
  • Organic Chemistry: Successfully completed one full year of undergraduate-level organic chemistry curriculum including associated laboratory courses by start in internship. Focus in chemistry (organic, analytical, or biochemistry). Experience with the following compound characterization techniques is preferred: NMR, IR, GC/MS, LC/MS, TLC, liquid/liquid extractions, crystallization, distillation, or column chromatography.
  • Biochemistry: Successfully completed one full year of undergraduate-level biochemistry curriculum including associated laboratory courses. Focus in Biochemistry or related discipline.
  • Biology, Microbiology & Plant Biology: Focus in biology or related field
  • Computer Science: Focus in Computer Science, Information Science, Statistics, Automation or a related field
  • Engineering – Chemical/Mechanical/Agricultural: Focus in Chemical, Agricultural, or Mechanical Engineering, or a related field
  • Environmental Science: Focus in Environmental Science, Environmental fate or exposure, or a related field
  • Formulation & Material Science: Focus in chemistry, material science, polymer science, or a related field
  • Packaging Technology: Focus in packaging engineering, packaging science, or related field.