About Solinftec
Solinftec is an innovative digital agriculture company rapidly expanding its operations in the US with 22 million acres, 30,000 machines connected, and 100,000 daily users. Solinftec was recently named “Most Innovative International Startup – Series A” by AgFunder. Solinftec is a leader in IoT and A.I. for agriculture, with several systems deployed in sugar, ethanol, corn, soybeans, cotton, and citrus. The company develops hardware, software, mobile applications, integration with ERP legacy systems and telecom carriers, and creates value-added solutions for digital agriculture.
Solinftec was founded in 2007 in Aracatuba, São Paulo, Brazil, and is now headquartered in West Lafayette, Indiana. As part of the company’s growth strategy, the international expansion plans include significant expansion in the United States and a presence in Latin America and Australia.

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Position Description
The R&D Lead Coordinator works with the main market players in the implementation deployment of Solinftec solutions for the row crops sector. This role also facilitates in the collaborative construction of the next generation of solutions for digital agriculture. The R&D Lead Coordinator is responsible for structuring and managing the work of the Company’s Development Teams for solutions, bundled firmware, and hardware.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

•Oversee and manage activities and deliverables of R&D staff of employees and subcontractors who research designs, concepts, and services.
• Requirement analysis for adapt and customize current products and solutions for the US market.
•Adapt the technologies and solutions developed by the affiliate company in Brazil to the reality of agricultural processes in customers of grains, fibers and fodder in the U.S.
• Analysis and Research of technology development, concept development, and new product development.
•Organize and train the team responsible for the development of new solutions for customers in the grain, fiber and fodder sector, according to the methodology established by the Company.
•Seek strategic alliances and partnerships to establish technical cooperation agreements with companies that can add value to the Company’s work in the development of new products and solutions.
•Visit grain, fiber and fodder customers in order to identify opportunities to develop new solutions and improve efficiency of their agricultural processes.

Skills & Qualifications
• BS/BA in an Engineering or related field.
• Experience in hardware and software development management.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Ability to handle large development projects and conduct proof of concepts.
• AgriculturalTech industry experience preferred.
• Availability for domestic and international business trips.
• Experience in row crops.
• Spanish or Portuguese fluency is a plus.

To apply, reach out directly to jessica.kelley@solinftec.com
Send your resume, work you’re proud of, and a sentence or two about what you enjoy and what you’d like to work on.