Interns will be involved in several Production Learning Segments throughout the internship program, including scouting relating to: Plant Growth and Development, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Plant Nutrition, and Weed Control. Individuals will receive training and work experience in each segment.


Plant Growth and Development Segment

  • Interns will learn the basics of corn and soybean seed production.  Training and duties my include: Monitoring fields for emergence issues, recording and evaluating stand uniformity and populations, and recording overall plant growth and development throughout the growing season.

Plant Pathology Segment

  • Interns will learn how to identify the most common diseases found in corn and soybeans relating to seed production.  They will also help determine economic thresholds and evaluate management options for the crop.

Entomology and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Segment

  • Interns will learn to identify various life cycles of insects and their potential impacts on crop growth and development, grain yield and seed quality.  They will learn the appropriate scouting and sampling techniques for the major insect pests affecting seed production.  They will also participate in Beck’s IPM program by monitoring and recording insect trap levels at various locations.

Plant Nutrition Segment

  • Interns will learn the basic mechanics of corn and soybean plant nutrition.  They will participate in soil nitrate sampling and leaf tissue sampling for corn and soybeans, and they will learn to diagnose nutrient deficiencies based on tissue tests and visual symptoms.

Herbicide and Weed Control Segment

  • Interns will identify weeds and evaluate herbicide effectiveness.  They will also help evaluate, monitor, and recommend weed management options.

Pollination Segment

  • Intern will participate in the detasseling process of seed corn production.  They will take detailed notes of tassel counts, silk counts, pollen shed, and plant maturities during pollination.

Intern Project

  • Interns will be assigned a research project relating to seed production.


1. Education and Training:

  • Must have completed sophomore year in college and be majoring in: Agronomy, Crop Science, Ag Systems Management, or Ag Economics
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and insurable driving record as determined by Beck’s automobile insurance policy.

2. Technical Knowledge:

  • Extra Consideration will be given to individuals with a Production Agriculture background, working knowledge of agricultural equipment and a Class A Commercial Driver’s License

3. Desired Skills:

  • Possess positive attitude
  • Enjoy working outdoors in various conditions
  • Agility to work independently or collaboratively in a group working to achieve deadlines