We are:

Rogo, an Ag-tech company innovating soil fertility management, one soil sample at a time.  We use self-driving robots to increase fertilizer ROI for farmers by eliminating human error and improving the accuracy of soil extraction, while simultaneously making sampling logistics easier for Ag service providers through a suite of digital & automation solutions. Learn more at rogoag.com.


We are looking for someone (core values fit):

  • who is Humble to learn from mistakes and receive coaching, Tough to navigate ambiguity and difficulty, Loving: respecting & valuing people with words and actions, Accountable to drive towards and achieve bottom-line results
  • fearless of carrying a lot of responsibility (team of 2 fullstacks in beginning)
  • flexible/versatile mindset willing to learn/do anything to solve problems
  • prioritizes problem solving and business ROI over writing cool code (off the shelf if it fits)
  • highly autonomous – need to be able to figure stuff out 


What you get to do (the role):

  • SR vs JR: SR does NOT mean X years of experience. SR is about being ready to take 100% leadership of all digital software (non-hardware) products at Rogo
  • Goals: develop cloud & app code to enable
    • our operators and robots to run fast and easy
    • our customers to interact with us seamlessly and
    • our ops team to optimize logistics at scale
  • Project Examples:
  • continue to build out the operator field (robot control) app for ease & efficiency
  • build on initial HQ logistics management platform to increase efficiency
  • api integrations w/ partners for increased data accuracy
  • replace limiting components of digital platform with scalable ones 
  • build digital “easy-button” experience for customers
  • build on traceability data pipeline – first end-to-end accountability in soil sampling


You should be able to (Skills):

  • Be an excellent problem solver: logic, math, CS concepts (data & objects, etc)
  • Have a knack for good user-experience and design (but don’t need to be a designer)
  • Be a great team-player, trust-builder and able to communicate clearly & efficiently
  • create high quality, on-time code. efficiently building right tech reqs to get biz reqs.
  • manage trade offs effectively- navigating business vs technical requirements
  • not get bogged down with engineering process (still very small eng team of 5 or less)
  • (Bonus) Tech Stack to Navigate:
  • frontend: progressive web app, JS, class-based react, offline sync, client-side graphql
  • backend: node JS, rest apis, aws serverless, graphql server, datastore apis, SQL
  • robot control app interface: networking, linux, ROS, python, C++


Start Date & Location

  • Start as soon as agreed
  • Location: Partial remote options, ideally willing to work in Greater Lafayette area at least weekly


Compensation / Benefits

  • Competitive Full-Time Salary (based on market, experience & skill)
  • PTO – Flexible Vacation Plan (Self-managed as long as you get your work done)
  • Company 401K

Fill out a super easy form HERE to share your contact info, why Rogo, and the most convenient version of your experience.  Don’t do forms? Email this info to careers@rogoag.com.