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Co-Alliance Cooperative is a modern partnership of local agricultural and energy cooperatives with community roots established in the 1920s. We are a service-oriented company, and we seek to make our customers lives easier by being their local resource for the services and products we offer. We also serve our communities and employees by creating a vibrant, positive environment that adds to their quality of life.



Student Coordinators manage a team of 4-5 YieldPro Interns in a designated region. Management duties include reviewing scouting reports, providing diagnostic field support, weekly dispatch of fields, and educating scouts throughout internship season. Other duties include working with YieldPro Enablement Lead on special projects and leading weekly scouting summaries.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Review scouting reports to ensure accuracy of weed/disease/insect observations, growth staging, stand counts, nutrient deficiencies, and other field anomalies. This also includes grammatical accuracy.
  • Report observations to Enablement Leads
  • Provide agronomic and technical diagnostic support to interns remotely and directly
  • Work with enablement lead on special projects through summer
  • Work with region team to create scouting summaries from data collected each week



  • 100% travel in territory
  • 60% in office, 40% in training/tours/ fields
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Weekly region meetings for scouting updates, summaries, and training


Required Experience/Skills:

  • Ability to work outdoors for extended periods of time and under all weather conditions
  • Above average organizational skills, ability to understand new concepts and learn quickly,
  • Complete work with little or no supervision in a timely manner; self-motivated
  • Education includes (but not limited to) students or graduates from a university or college agricultural programs, or other educations who are genuinely interested in working in the agricultural community
  • An agronomy background with prior field scouting experience is preferred
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, good driving record, and a reliable vehicle
  • Ability to use an iPad, GPS software, laptop, and field scouting equipment

Build Your Agronomy Career with Co-Alliance:

  • Learn and develop agronomic knowledge and management skills to aid in future endeavors
  • Gain experience using ag technology through reporting agronomic insights with Data On Touch Apps
  • Build your professional network by interacting directly with the Co-Alliance Team


  • Hourly (Competitive wage)
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Earn your drone license through Co-Alliance
  • Incentives/Awards for interns who complete internship