Our goal is to create a program that is an excellent learning experience for anyone interested in agronomy, general agriculture, precision agriculture, safety and risk management and/or sales between the months of May through August. The internship will be tailored to the interests of the intern and experience level to maximize the learning experience. It will be an opportunity to make money while having more than just an average summer internship. This program will also allow Co-Alliance to evaluate potential employees and develop a talent pool in which to hire from in an increasingly competitive job market. Your experience as an intern will be catered to your interests and strengths. The internships we have to offer will be a hands-on real world working experiences. As with all of our internships the interns will contribute to the success of each facility in which he/she is assigned.


  • Understand and learn to advise on local cash markets and basis.
  • Learn to coordinate truck and rail operations.
  • Safety and OSHA laws/guidelines.
  • Grain Grading: learning and applying the USDA grain grading standards.
  • Grain Flows: track and map the flow of grain throughout one or more terminal facilities.
  • Rail loading: learn what it takes to load and unload railcars, as well as perform various rail loading duties.