Summary: Field Scouts inspect fields for weeds, insects, diseases, and other observations. These observations are then communicated back to the Co-Alliance team. Field Scouts play an important role in the services offered by Co-Alliance to make timely, informed, and economical decisions.

Essential Job Functions

  • Write scouting reports that identify weeds, insects, diseases, and growth stages
  • Report observations to coordinators
  • Fly Drones across fields to scout acres, predict crop stands, and gather data (selected individuals)
  • Collect tissue samples


  • 100% travel in territory
  • 100% in fields
  • Flexible work schedule

Required Experience

  • Ability to work outdoors for extended periods of time and under all weather conditions
  • Above average organizational skills, ability to understand new concepts and learn quickly, complete work with little or no supervision in a timely manner, and self-motivated
  • Education includes (but not limited to) students or graduates from a university or college agricultural programs, or other educations who are genuinely interested in working in the agricultural community
  • An agronomy background is advantageous but not necessary
  • Must have a valid drivers license, good driving record, and a reliable vehicle
  • Ability to use an iPad, GPS software, and field scouting equipment

Build Your Agronomy Career with Co-Alliance

  • Learn and develop agronomic knowledge that will provide a solid foundation in the ag industry
  • Gain experience using ag technology through reporting agronomic insights with Sky Reporting System
  • Build your professional network by interacting directly with Co-Alliance employees


  • Mileage reimbursement
  • End of summer bonus
  • Gain your drone license through Co-Alliance