Anderson Municipal Light and Power – Line Supervisor
Incumbent serves as Line Supervisor for the Municipal Light and Power Department and is responsible for scheduling and supervising the construction and maintenance of the distribution, transmission, and street light systems.


  • Conducts on-site inspections of construction and work crews to evaluate work quality, availability of materials, and compliance of scheduled work completion.
  • Schedules all construction and maintenance projects for the division dealing with electrical distribution and transmission and the street light system, including assigning equipment and personnel daily for the proper makeup of crews and assuring work completion around vacation and sick day schedules.
  • Prioritizes and schedules all construction and maintenance projects for the division.
  • Designs and writes project specifications for labor, materials, and equipment, verifies estimates and totals and recommends to supervisor the letting of bids and upon receipt of quotations, evaluates the documents to assure compliance with specifications.
  • Receives complaints and inquiries from general public concerning electrical and street lighting service, and responds to such inquiries by taking appropriate action to address the complaint.
  • Designs, schedules, and presides over staff meetings and safety meetings.
  • Coordinates all functions of the division with other governmental agencies, including other utility companies, and other divisions of the Light and Power Department.
  • Responds to complaints from subordinates and represents the division to labor representatives when grievances are filed.
  • Prepares the division budget and administers the budget upon approval.
  • Prepares annual report of division activities.
  • Maintains a wide variety of files, dealing with construction and maintenance projects, service calls, purchases, P.C.B. and E.P.A. requirements.
  • Performs duties of the Superintendent in his/her absence.
  • On call 24 hours a day for emergencies.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.



  • Thorough knowledge of line construction and maintenance methods and procedures, including advanced principles and methods.
  • Extensive education and experience dealing with all facets of electrical distribution and transmission, typically acquired via a college education or equivalent experience in the field.
  • Thorough knowledge of electrical and construction equipment and ability to properly schedule and utilize such equipment for the proper completion of construction and maintenance projects.
  • Thorough knowledge of statements of policy between union and management.
  • Knowledge of OSHA safety regulations, EPA regulations, National Electrical Safety Codes, National Electrical Code, ANSI, and ECT.
  • Ability to supervise the work of others.
  • Ability to deal with subordinates, contractors, and other suppliers, and members of the general public in a courteous, effective, and tactful manner.
  • Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle.


  • Incumbent works with instructions provided by the Superintendent and under general guidelines of the department and division, with the nature of the guidelines and instructions being an indication of overall quality and conformance with the policies of the department. Independent judgment is required to interpret the instructions and guidelines to meet construction schedules and deadlines and deal with emergency situations.
  • Incumbent performs a wide variety of duties involving complex functions, occasionally occurring in circumstances or situations that are unique.


  • Incumbent performs duties according to his/her own schedule, discussing highly unusual situations with the Superintendent when incumbent thinks it is necessary. Work product is evaluated by Superintendent for conformance with overall policies and practices of the department and for soundness of judgment.
  • Incumbent is responsible for the overall operations of the division and is expected to provide a major contribution to the purpose of the department, even in especially unique or complex situations.


  • Incumbent maintains a variety of contacts with other employees within the division, workers in other divisions of the department, and members of the general public for the purpose of coordinating activities and gaining acceptance and concurrence of actions and practices of the division.
  • Reports directly to the Superintendent.

Incumbent works in modern office environment, but conducts inspections and coordinates emergency crews in the field in all types of weather conditions.

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