About Inari…

Inari is the SEEDesign™ company. We embrace the diversity and complexity of nature in every aspect of our business to drive innovation – to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through our unrivaled technology platform, Inari uses predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing to develop step-change products. We are taking a nature positive approach to unlock the full potential of seed that will transform the food system. The results will lead to more productive acres delivering value creation for farmers and a more sustainable future for our planet.

Our success is dependent on great minds, collaborating to generate bright ideas and deliver exceptional outcomes.

We have over 300 employees, with research sites in Cambridge, MA (USA) and Ghent (Belgium), as well as a product development site in West Lafayette, IN (USA). We’ve deliberately built a team that brings diversity of thought to all aspects of our business, to generate new ideas, approaches, and ways of operating. And we’ve intentionally combined experience with potential, bringing agriculture industry experts with the desire to innovate together with bright minds from academia, human therapeutics, software, and consulting. If you want to be part of a diverse and inclusive team developing unique solutions to feed the world while protecting our planet’s natural resources, we’d love to hear from you!


About the role….

The Field Quality and Stewardship Specialist role will be responsible to create and implement a comprehensive Product Development Stewardship Program at Inari that ensure responsible product creation and management under controlled and field conditions across geographies ensuring regulatory compliance. This role reports to the QMS Director and is located in West Lafayette, IN.

As a Field Quality and Stewardship Specialist, you will:

· Create and implement a comprehensive Product Development Stewardship Program (PDSP) including stewardship measures to ensure appropriate management of seed product materials according to INARI regulatory, stewardship and quality standard.

· Collaborate with the Regulatory Function, representing Product Development needs for stewarding seed products. Actively contribute to defining company stewardship practices.

· Actively participate in creation of regulatory driven plans and records creation for effectively managing seed products

· Lead and engage the entire Product Development organization to ensure visibility and fit for purpose PDSP creation, across INARI all Seed Products

· Manage and ensure implementation of Inari’s permit compliance and stewardship program for field operations in US and abroad

· Oversee PDSP implementation at field operations, under INARI or external parties contracted by INARI.

· Collaborate closely with the Regulatory Function to develop appropriate PDSP and Ensure that PDSP are in accordance with Seed Product needs and INARI standards.

· Support and ensure the development and implementation of processes and related documentation to support compliance and stewardship programs for regulated and stewarded material within field operations.

· Compile and draft information across Product Development to use in permits applications, to assure the compliant movement, import/export, field trialing of seed products, according to Product Development Plans.

· Facilitate, document, and deliver training to internal and external personnel that handle regulated and stewarded seed product materials as appropriate.

· Participate and enable auditing program for regulated and stewarded seed product at the field.

· Regularly interact with regulatory, facility, laboratory, greenhouse, product development and field operations leaders to promote compliance of operations and, as needed, establish relationships with external consultants to support these operations.

You Bring…

· BS or higher degree in biological sciences, agricultural sciences, or related disciplines

· 5-7 years of work experience in agricultural or microbial biotechnology

· At least 5 years’ work experience supporting laboratory, greenhouse, or field operations compliance with USDA, EPA, and state agencies; or stewardship roles experience at field conditions.

· Self-starter and highly organized working style.

· A collaborative mindset that is open to giving and receiving ideas, perspectives, and feedback.

· Ability to collaborate cross functionally.

· Ability to work quickly to meet tight deadlines and assure Inari’s freedom to operate.

· Ability to work effectively independently and to lead work teams to accomplish goals.

· A powerful sense of purpose and drive to develop unique, high impact solutions.

· Adaptability and enthusiasm for new challenges, innate curiosity, and a passion for learning

· Creative and strategic thinking, willingness to be bold and take risks, and the ability to recognize and learn from failure.

· Ability to work both independently and deliver responsibilities within a highly collaborative environment.

· Ability to effectively communicate with a diverse range of individuals and audiences


FOR U.S. CANDIDATES: Please note that we use the resume you submit with your application during our background check process. To ensure an efficient and accurate background verification, we kindly ask that you carefully review and accurately represent your work history, education and other relevant information on your resume. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies found during the background check may impact your candidacy for the position.

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