BUSINESS: Purdue Research Foundation
START DATE: Immediate Availability

General Responsibilities

  • Create, maintain, and streamline programs, opportunities, and resources to prepare and assist startups with Purdue IP, Purdue faculty/staff, Purdue students and Purdue alumni (Purdue-affiliated startups) to grow, scale, and ultimately prepare them to raise their first round.
  • Provide guidance and coaching to Purdue-affiliated startups on pitching to and networking with investors and scaling their startup.
  • Recruit and maintain a strong team of entrepreneurs-in-residence and mentors for advising Purdue-affiliated startups.
  • Engage with a strong network of investors and have regular communications with the early-stage funding and VC community alongside Purdue Ventures.
  • Plan and host events, with the assistance of the Operations Coordinator for Startup Foundry and Ventures that brings together the ecosystem of Purdue entrepreneurs, startups, technologies, industry, investors to promote opportunities for investible Purdue-affiliated startups.
  • Assist in the creation and cultivation of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem for Purdue-affiliated startups.
  • Advise and recommend to the Senior VP, Commercialization policies/procedures/process that can empower entrepreneurship at all levels in the ecosystem.
  • Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate regularly with other units in the commercialization ecosystem, including the Office of Technology Commercialization, the Purdue Incubator, and Ventures to align entrepreneurial activities and assets to maximize opportunities for entrepreneurship, startup creation, startup investment and commercialization of Purdue technologies.
  • Work closely with Director of Purdue Ventures to 1) Manage the implementation of early-stage funding of Black and Gold awards as well as assist in the recruiting and prepping of Purdue-affiliated startups for the college specific funds run by Ventures; 2) Successfully shepherd the transition of Purdue-affiliated startups from Startup Foundry to Ventures; 3) Oversee the successful implementation of workshops that benefit Purdue-affiliated startups as they prepare for raising capital.
  • Work closely with the Director of the Purdue Incubator to 1) Ensure programs and training provided at the Incubator align with what the Startup Foundry needs for successful applicants into the Startup Foundry and 2) Successfully shepherd the transition of Purdue-affiliated startups from the Purdue Incubator to Startup Foundry.
  • Maintain relationships with key service providers and negotiate discounted rates for Purdue-affiliated startups.
  • Maintain a regular cadence of service provider office hours for Purdue-affiliated startups, implement back-office support, oversee mentorship programs, and explore additional service offerings as deemed necessary.
  • With the assistance of the Operations Coordinator, track and evaluate all funds raised by Purdue-affiliated startups, including dilutive and non-dilutive funding.
  • With the assistance of the Operations Coordinator, track and evaluate Purdue-affiliated startups that have raised Series A and beyond for trends and learnings to continuously improve programs and resource offerings at the Startup Foundry.
  • Promote Purdue-affiliated startup successes to maintain and support a world-class reputation in entrepreneurship.
  • In collaboration with the Community Engagement and Networking Coordinator, assist Purdue-affiliated startups with finding talent, including C-suite members. Fully utilize and support the activation of the emerging entrepreneurial and innovation assets being developed in the Discovery Park District, Purdue University, and the region.
  • Build strong relationships with a variety of key Purdue Research Foundation (PRF), university, local, regional, state, and international stakeholders in order to elevate the awareness of Purdue-affiliated startups and seek synergistic opportunities.
  • Utilize and engage relevant Purdue alumni, with assistance of the Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator to advise and provide connections to investible Purdue-affiliated startups to raise capital and get products to market.

Lead Team

  • Provide leadership and mentorship to the Startup Foundry.


  • Develop and maintain a set of key metrics and dashboards that demonstrate effectiveness of getting Purdue-affiliated startups investment, specifically Series A.

Media and Marketing

  • In close coordination with internal media specialists, maintain a robust and regular media presence that continually reaches both internal and external audiences.
  • Showcase successful Purdue-affiliated entrepreneurs and startups, including Purdue IP startups, Purdue faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  • Seek awards, recognition, and rankings that demonstrate excellence.

Policies and Asset Alignment

  • Work to continually improve and support policies that encourage entrepreneurship at all levels, with an emphasis on inclusion.
  • Strive to identify and align entrepreneurial and innovation efforts at all levels within Purdue including faculty and research groups, academic classroom activities, student organizations, maker spaces and coworking spaces.
  • Work closely with the Purdue Incubator to ensure a strong pipeline of Purdue-affiliated startups exists to apply to the Startup Foundry.
  • Work closely with the Purdue Research Park leadership to position and optimize Purdue Research Park assets to support entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • Continually seek world-class examples of entrepreneurship and innovation that can be emulated.
  • Continue to build the Purdue reputation in entrepreneurship and innovation via speaking engagements and hosting guests at Purdue.

Key Stakeholders

  • Seek collaboration with key stakeholders at all levels within Purdue.
  • Seek to specifically foster relationships with key stakeholders on a state, regional and international basis that advance entrepreneurship and specifically opportunities for Purdue-affiliated startups.
  • Develop relationships with accelerators, funding providers, and support organizations that can advance the success of Purdue-affiliated startup companies.
  • Leverage Purdue alumni that can be a source of counsel in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem and engage them to showcase their startup success and to support our efforts.


  • Seek grant and sponsorship funding for entrepreneurial and startup capital raising efforts.


  • Proven leadership and management experiences.
  • Experience with change management.
  • Experience interfacing with executive leadership, including board interface and stakeholder management.
  • Superior communication and presentation skills.
  • Proven supervisory skills.
  • Strong financial management skills.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field required.
  • Master’s degree preferred.
  • Entrepreneurial experience required; may include start up, commercialization of technologies, etc.