About the job

Tom Farms has been synonymous with quality, consistency and the adoption of technologies. Our family heritage includes one of the broadest and longest continually operated farms in Indiana.

Tom Farms owns and leases high quality farmland of which nearly 50% is irrigated. Our production output is consistent and trending higher through the adoption of innovations in biotechnology to data science and analytics.

Join our growing team and learn firsthand how we leverage our knowledge, relationships, and service to all major market segments across the industry.

We are searching for Our Next Dynamic CEO who reports directly to the Chairman of the Board and our Board members.

As the CEO your primary responsibility is to further the Company Mission within Tom Farms and across the segments we serve.

You will be defining and executing strategies focused on leadership, an efficient supply chain. These are the keys to achieving success!




  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in business or management; advanced degree preferred.
  • Agronomic knowledge is preferred.
  • Experience in strategic planning and execution.
  • Knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and meeting the needs of our customers and business associates.
  • Ability to develop financial plans, interpret financial data, and understand general accounting procedures.
  • Knowledge of leadership, communication and public relation techniques to interact with a variety of people.
  • Work requires professional written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven ability to motivate teams and associates towards successful goal accomplishment.
  • Proven ability to manage several projects at one time.
  • Proven experience in developing long-term relationships with partnering organizations.
  • Decisiveness and willingness to take well-reasoned risks.
  • Tech savvy with various programs including MS Office Suite.

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Role model for others in the executive team and staff throughout the business.
  • Provide enterprise leadership by developing, motivating and instilling confidence in everyone in the business.
  • Define and execute the strategic plan, in concert with our CFO and President to advance the Company’s Vision.
  • Seek and identify market needs, product requirements, competitive information and other knowledge essential for our strategic efforts.
  • Develop annual market growth plans, manage budgets, review structure, and establish clear management processes and expectations to deliver results.
  • Ensure that the sales pipeline is managed proactively from target identification, through prospect development and the proposal development process, concluding with effective positioning and presentation to win the business in our coordinated supply chains.
  • Ensure that existing business is managed proactively to mitigate risks, identify growth opportunities and expand margin.
  • Develop and maintain key supplier relationships to foster mutual beneficial goals, including international suppliers.
  • Achieve margin growth in all existing business segments. Identify new segments in alignment and growth with existing assets as a core strategy.
  • Preserve, champion and leverage the Tom Farms brand to further the market position as a leader of quality seed and grain production businesses.
  • Oversee and monitor key indicators at all levels to insure added economic value to the Company.
  • Identify acquisition opportunities to further the Vision and Strategy of the Company.
  • Present strategic progress and results to Chairman and Board of Directors.
  • Direct Company budget process and business plans.
  • Own the Company’s financial statements and conduct daily, weekly and monthly review of financial statements to ensure accuracy, timeliness and financial objectives are met.
  • Collaborate with peers on a regular basis to establish best practices, alignment and accomplishment of overall company goals.
  • Drive change and innovation through continually seeking and implementing transformational solutions for customers, associates and supply chain partners.
  • Review the results of operations and objectives quarterly with the Chairman and the Board of Directors.

For more detailed information please contact us at: kiptom@tomfarms.com or 574-527-3651.