*For more information on this full-time benefited position, please contact Human Resources at (317) 927-7508 or email employment@indianastatefair.com. To apply for this position, please visit https://www.indianastatefair.com/p/about/employment1 and send the posted application and your resume to the email address above. The starting salary range for this position is $59,800 to $68,770. Thank you for your interest.


Position Summary

The purpose of this position is to provide assistance to ISFC staff in all areas of human resources including but not limited to payroll administration, employee and guest relations and management of the Employment Office in support of the annual Indiana State Fair.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Administer time reporting and other payroll submission functions utilizing a web-based payroll platform. Duties include but are not limited to entering new employee data, recording and verifying paid time off, printing employee ID badges, maintaining employee payroll records and providing accurate data to requesting parties.
  2. Manage the Employment Office during the summer leading up to the annual State Fair, including all administrative, payroll, and recruiting duties associated with filling approximately 800 seasonal positions.
  3. Recruit and coordinate the utilization of fundraising groups to perform various functions during the Indiana State Fair.
  4. Manage the recruitment of summer interns for the Indiana State Fair. Duties include posting positions on multiple platforms, communicating with candidates, conducting interviews in coordination with department managers, and assisting with onboarding of new interns.
  5. Assist with all components of Human Resources management including benefits administration, employee relations, and communication of processes and procedures. Duties include completing employment verifications, assisting with correspondence with the Indiana State Department of Workforce Development and responding to employee requests.
  6. Manage employee training requirements. Duties include creating simple safety and human resources training courses utilizing a web-based training platform, assigning courses and corresponding deadlines, and ensuring compliance.
  7. Assist with the implementation and continuous improvement of training tools and programs to address gaps in skills and help promote the ISFC’s guest services framework, ‘Everyone. Every Day’.
  8. Assist with the recruitment of staff for year-round position vacancies, maintain accurate records of the recruitment process.

Skill requirements

  1. Attention to Detail: Able to follow detailed procedures and ensures accuracy in documentation and data; carefully monitors processes; concentrates on details and organizes and maintains a system of records.
  2. Excellent project management skills: Able to develop plans that are effective in attaining established goals; garners resources and defines processes to complete a project; manages progress and implements mid-stream changes as needed.
  3. Excellent interpersonal communication skills: Able to relate effectively to a wide range of people, personalities and demographics; is able to “connect” on a professional level with others in a variety of circumstances so that others are comfortable.
  4. Effective learner: Able to assimilate information and can appreciate more complex information processing; strong capacity to adapt quickly in a learning situation; strong information gathering ability.
  5. High energy level: Respond well to demands on time and generally works at a brisk pace while not compromising accuracy or quality of work; good time utilization and a capacity for a fast-paced environment.
  6. Strong customer focus: Able to demonstrate a high level of service delivery; does what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction; deals with service failures and prioritizes customer needs.
  7. Understanding of policies and procedures: Able to act in accordance with established guidelines; communicates and enforces organizational policies and procedures; recognizes and constructively conforms to unwritten rules or practices.

Educational/Experience Requirements

  • Bachelors degree preferred in the areas of human resources, business administration or another related field.
  • At least three years of experience in human resources management.
  • Strong technology skills and ability to learn new programs. Experience utilizing an online payroll platform is preferred.

Job Complexity

This position requires substantial judgement and analytic ability requiring complex calculations, organizing information for reports and solving problems.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Position has supervisory responsibility over two to three summer interns in the Employment Office.

Supervision Received

This position will receive moderate supervision from the Director of Human Resources. Objectives and goals are established in advance, but little in the way of a course of action is generally specified or recommended.