Premier Ag Agronomy Sales Internship Objectives
  1. Attract top talent to Premier Ag.
  2. Assess Intern’s potential to be a Premier Ag Account Manager in a full-time position upon graduation.
  3. Provide challenging, professional, Intern skill development by allowing the intern to apply skill and technical expertise in the field.
  4. A Premier Ag Sales Internship is the final step in positioning a second- or third-year intern into an Account Manager Associate role upon graduation. At this point, the intern has already demonstrated the professionalism, initiative, and problem-solving skills necessary to work independently with growers to develop and implement crop plans.
  1. With assigned grower accounts and corresponding Premier Ag Account Manager, make initial introductions to describe working relationship with growers throughout the summer.
  2. Sales Project #1
  3. With assigned grower accounts and utilizing available tools, resources, and Premier Ag staff, monitor crop throughout the growing season and develop and communicate via independent and unsupervised grower sales call a recommendation for pesticide or nutrient applications.
  4. With grower approval for the recommended application, and recommended application checked by corresponding Account Manager, turn in the order to the appropriate operations team to schedule application or order fulfillment.
  5. After application or order fulfillment, follow up within 7 days to evaluate efficacy of the application and share findings directly with the grower.
  6. Sales Project #2
  • Develop a sales call plan for a specific product line on an existing account that is not currently using the product/practice. The sales call preferred to be accompanied for post-call evaluation.
  1. Operations skill development
  • Train for and perform an operations task in a limited branch support role to gain professional and workflow experience.

Manager Responsibilities

  1. Unless otherwise established, the Premier Ag Agronomy Interns will report directly to the VP Sales & Marketing
  2. Assign mentor and develop talent over summer, with goal of full-time placement upon graduation.
  3. Conduct weekly touchpoints.
  4. Along with assigned mentor, coach and assist with sales projects and call plans
  5. Conduct final evaluation with Premier Ag career path discussion.

Intern Job Accountabilities include but are not limited to:

– Field Scouting (observations)

  • Utilize FieldAlytics software for scouting report to the grower

– Diagnostics & technical

  • Intern agronomy training
  • Tissue Sampling
  • Crops Development School 2025

– Sales Projects

  • Professionalism and effectiveness of projects and calls
  • Pre call planning and post call evaluations

– Corporate support

  • Any other tasks as assigned