We’re looking for a bright-eyed Product Manager to join us in empowering better ag retail operations. We care about solving ambitious problems with feet planted firmly in reality. We value personal ownership but expect ourselves to a strong receptiveness to outside ideas. We are passionate about company impact and personal growth. Help us build something that matters.

About Solinftec
Solinftec is an innovative digital agriculture company rapidly expanding its operations in the United States with 22 million acres, 30,000 machines connected and 100,000 daily users. Solinftec was recently named “Most Innovative International Startup – Series A” by AgFunder. As a leader in IoT and A.I. for agriculture, Solinftec has deployed several systems for the sugar, ethanol, corn, soybean, cotton and citrus industries.

The company develops hardware, software, mobile applications, integration with ERP legacy systems and telecom carriers, and creates value-added solutions for digital agriculture. Solinftec was founded in 2007 in Aracatuba, São Paulo, Brazil. The company recently expanded into North America and has since established its North American headquarters in West Lafayette, Indiana. As part of Solinftec’s growth strategy, international plans include significant expansion in the United States and a presence in Latin America and Australia.

Visit for more information. http://solinftec.com

What you’ll be doing
• Listening frequently to customers to create a strong understanding of customer problems
• Prioritizing solutions and organizing into a coherent roadmap
• Collaborating with product designers to determine how the solutions should work and what they should look like
• Organizing the development work into sprints and working closely with engineers to deliver high quality software
• Demoing the product to customers and organizing feedback
•Working with designers, marketers, developers, and fellow product managers to support a culture of efficacy and collaboration

What you should have (required qualifications)
• Understanding of production agriculture
• Experience managing software projects
• Listening and communication skills
• Ability to prioritize competing goals
• Strong attention to detail with a parallel understanding of where projects fit into the big picture

Preferred qualifications
• Knowledge of web technologies, mobile technologies, databases, and/or machine learning
• Experience in managing agile software projects
• Fluency in Spanish or Portuguese

What we offer
• Upbeat, customer innovation-centric culture
• Competitive salary
• 401k with matching contribution
• Healthcare, dental, and vision coverage

To apply, reach out directly to jessica.kelley@solinftec.com. Send us your resume, work

you’re proud of, and a sentence or two about what you enjoy and what you’d like to work on.